Annual Overview: Coreopsis



Coreopsis Stats at a Glance

Botanical Name: Coreopsis tinctoria

Common Name(s): Annual coreopsis, plains coreopsis, pot of gold, tickseed

Height: 1-3 feet

Soil Conditions: Virtually any

Sun: Full sun

Soil pH Conditions: Will tolerate a variety of soil pH conditions


Best use: Cut flowers, mixed flowerbeds, wildflower gardens.

Starting Coreopsis from Seed

Coreopsis grows readily from seed sown directly into the garden.

Sow 1/16” deep.

Germination: 15-30 days.

When to Plant Coreopsis

Plant when soil temperatures reach 60-65°F.

Where to Plant Coreopsis

Plant in wide-open spaces in full sun.  Will readily reseed and can tolerate harsh soil and weather conditions.

Coreopsis Plant Spacing

Broadcast seeds freely over open soil.

Coreopsis Care and Maintenance

Deadhead spent flowers to encourage flowering.  Cut back by one-third if the plant becomes weedy.  Will tolerate both heat and frost, soil that has low fertility, and droughty soil.

Coreopsis Diseases

The most common diseases associated with Coreopsis include aster yellows, bacterial leaf spot, botrytis blight, crown rot, downy mildew, fungal leaf spots, powdery mildew, root rot, rust, scab, stem rot, and wilt.

Coreopsis Pests

The most common pests associated with Coreopsis include aphids, leaf beetles, and mites.

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