Annual Overview: Impatiens

Annual Overview: Impatiens l


Botanical Name: Impatiens wallerana

Common Name(s): Impatiens, busy lizzy, patience plant

Height: 6-18 inches

Bloom Time: May-October

Soil Conditions: Well-drained, rich

Sun: Partial sun, partial shade

Its ease of growth, variety of colors, and long bloom time make this plant one the season’s favorites.

How to Grow from Seed

Impatiens are one of the few annuals that do not perform well when directly sown into the soil.  They do not tolerate frost.  Many gardeners buy transplants.  If you want to grow them from seed, start indoors 10-12 weeks prior to the last frost.


Transplant impatiens in an area that has good drainage that receives at least partial shade for a few hours a day.


Impatiens don’t perform well in the heat, but can be planted in full sun if they are kept moist.  Overwatering and overfertilizing will encourage leafy growth at the expense of the flowers and will result in a taller plant.  If they begin growing tall, pinch them back to encourage mound growth.

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