Bradford Pear Tree Planting and Care

Bradford pear tree planting and care

The Bradford Pear is a popular choice of an ornamental flowering tree to plant for instant blooming action. Its blooms are rich on the tree, giving it a fluffy, soft white appearance. The trees grow quickly, and will often bloom until the fall. They grow naturally in a beautifully tapered habit.

Planting a Bradford Pear Tree

The Bradford pear tree thrives in zones 5 through 11. Be careful to pick a spot that is large enough, as these ornamental trees can grow up to 40 feet in height, with a 30 foot spread canopy. The best time to plant is in the spring, as temperatures are friendlier to young trees and rainfall is more frequent. Be sure that young trees get regular water – at least once or twice a week. Wait at least two weeks before fertilizing so that the roots of the young tree have time to get established and overcome the stress of transplanting.

Caring for a Bradford Pear Tree

Water the tree once or twice a week for best results, although the tree can survive periodic drought conditions, especially the older it is. Mulch placed around the base of the tree helps with water retention and provides some temperature control as well as some additional nutrients. Proper pruning is necessary with these trees as they can have large limbs with weak attachment points that can become a hazard in a storm. Proper and regular pruning will extend the life span of these trees. The best time to prune is in the late summer so that growth will be stymied.

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