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Cedar trees are large, tall trees that are commonly used for home landscaping. These trees can grow between 60 to 70 feet high, and they have extremely sturdy trunks. Their foliage is bright green and very leafy. Despite their large size, cedar trees, like any other plant, can be destroyed by insects. Here is a short list of insects that plague cedar trees:

Aphids: Aphids are a type of sucking bug that feed on a multitude of plants including cedar trees. These bugs feed on the sap that most trees and plants contain, which causes damage in the process. As a result, these bugs are despised by farmers. To avoid damage by aphids without using harmful insecticides, just release ladybugs in your yard. They eat aphids, yet they won’t cause further damage to your garden. Ladybugs can be purchased online or at your local hardware store.

Cedar Bark Beetles: Cedar bark beetles are another type of cedar tree pest. Miniscule in size, these beetles grow up to 0.123 inches in length. Furthermore, these beetles have a reddish brown shell, and their larva are small, white and have black heads. These bugs cause plenty of damage to trees because they dig inside the bark, damaging it in the process. These bugs are attracted to decaying bark, so be proactive about removing dead parts on your cedar trees. Cedar bark beetles don’t harm the tree, but they do destroy its aesthetic

Scales: Scales are similar to aphids because they suck the sap out of trees. These bugs range in size and appearance. Some scales are brown in color while others are white. Their exterior shell is hard, which helps protect them from predators. Prevention is key because, once they reach maturity, these bugs are difficult to exterminate.


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