Cedar Tree Planting and Care

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Ensure the plant’s roots are submerged in water until they are transferred to the planting site. The roots can only stay in water for a week after which they will begin rotting. Most cedar trees do not require fertilization during planting. However, they respond very well when fertilizer is applied. If you want to apply fertilizer, do that in the first three years. Do this by applying granular fertilizer at the base of the tree a foot away from the drip line. Do not apply fertilizer to the trunk because it will damage the tree’s bark.

The Planting Site

Many cedar tree species can grow to a height of 70 feet or more. Do not plant cedar trees under electrical lines. In addition, plant the trees at least 5 feet from each other so that they have enough room for growth. Do not plant cedar trees on top of sewer and storm drains because the tree’s roots will interfere with the systems. Plant the cedar tree in a sunny location. Shaded areas are not suitable for cedar growth; the tree grows faster when exposed to lots of sunshine.


This should be done at certain intervals in the plant’s growth. Remove all broken and dead branches using a sharp, sterilized shear. If your cedars have grown tall, prune them in the early summer or spring. Do not prune off more than a quarter of the cedar’s height. Avoid pruning in late summer or mid-July because this is when the tree shoots buds for the following year’s growth. Removing newly formed buds will make the tree use excessive nutrients and energy to make more buds, which will make the cedar susceptible to damage during winter.


Protect the cedar from animals such as deer and rabbits. Deer eat the tree’s leaves during winter and rabbits are fond of its seedlings during winter, fall and spring. Protect cedar trees by setting up an enclosure around the tree until it grows tall enough to be out of reach of deer. Increase the size of the wire enclosure as the tree grows to accommodate its size.

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