Green Lacewings

green lacewing


Scientific Name: Chrysoperla sp.

Common Name(s): Green lacewing, lacewing

What Do Green Lacewings Look Like?

Identification. There are more than 90 species of green lacewings in the US.  Named for their four transparent wings that have delicate veins crisscrossing throughout, lacwings average ½” long.

How Are Green Lacewings Beneficial?

Some adult species of lacewings are predaceous, but most feed only on nectar and pollen.  It is the larval stage of this insect that is the most important agriculturally.  Lacewing larva feed on many of the small insects that are considered major pests agriculturally including aphids, caterpillars, insect eggs, mealybugs, mites, thrips, and whiteflies.  They can consume several hundred insects per week.

They are quickly becoming a popular choice for gardeners to include in their integrated pest management systems due to their tolerance to insecticides.

Do Green Lacewings Have Predators?

Green lacewings fall prey to birds, bats, and larger insects.

How Can I Attract Green Lacewings?

You can purchase green lacewings commercially as part of an integrated pest management system.  Because the adults feed on pollen and nectar, planting a wide variety of pollen producing flowers will attract them to your yard and encourage them to lay eggs.

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