How to Grow Dill



Dill is a plant that is usually grown because of it’s bitter seeds that are used in turning cucumbers into pickles. This herb is an annual plant that is classified as being in the Parsley Family. Dill is a very easy plant to grow, so it’s highly recommended for beginners to grow it in their very own garden at home.

Growing Dill from Seed

There is a little preparation that needs to be done before planting your dill seeds. You should start by tilling the soil of the area you intend to plant the seeds to about 12 inches. Then, add a layer of dried manure or a compost of your choice that will be used to provide nutrients to the plant. It is best to choose an area that will get at least six hours of sunlight each day.

Planting Dill

Dill isn’t a very big plant, but you should still give it some room when planting. Each dill plant should have at least three inches of space between one another. When you actually put the seed in the ground, you’ll want to place it only about a half inch deep. This will allow the plant to germinate faster and get more sunlight.

Dill Maintenance and Care

You should water your dill plants each day. You want to make sure that the soil remains moist, but not too damp. It’s best to water them during the cool times of the day. During days of intense sunlight, it’s best to provide some sort of canopy to protect the plant from the harmful sun rays. Dill plants enjoy sunlight, but too much can be devastating.

Did You Know…

Did you know that dill leaves can be rinsed and dried so that they can be placed in a freezer to be saved for later use?

Did you know that not only can the seeds be used to create pickles, but they are often tasty in soups?

Did you know that your dill plant can be harvested within six weeks of planting, as it is a fast growing herb?

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