How to Grow a Weeping Cherry Tree

How to Grow a Weeping Cherry Tree

If you have admired the pink and white flowers that you have seen growing on weeping cherry trees in your community, it may have prompted you to question how to grow a weeping cherry tree in your own yard. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor when your weeping cherry tree blooms with flowers.

First, Dig a Hole

The weeping cherry tree will do just as well in either a sunny or shady location, so that gives you more options on where to plant it. When it comes to seasons, however, the weeping cherry tree should only be planted in the spring. Once you have chosen a location, you need to dig a hole that is twice the size of the widest point of the weeping cherry tree’s bulb. Height wise, the hole should be a bit more shallow than the tree bulb.

File the Hole Carefully

Before you place the bulb into the ground, fill it with a thin layer of pea gravel and sand. This step will allow for easier drainage. Your next step is to fill the hole approximately two-thirds full with garden soil and then to water it to a moist consistency without over-watering. A layer of fertilizer should be laid next, followed by more garden soil and water.

Caring for Your New Tree

The weeping cherry tree will need to have mulch applied two to three inches around the base, while using caution to keep the mulch one to two inches away from the trunk. If the mulch gets too close to the trunk, it could cause rotting.

You should plan to water your tree on a weekly basis with approximately one inch of water. Finally, plan to fertilize in the spring and fall to keep the conditions moist for optimal growing.

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