How to Grow Carnations from Seed

Growing Carnations from Seed

Carnations are popular as the centerpieces for floral arrangements, bouquets and the stars of many gardens. Their blooms last a very long time, from early spring to summer. Depending on the temperature of the summer months and the local climate, they can bloom well into September. They possess a spicy clove-like fragrance and come in the basic colors of white, pink and red. They are known as one of the most easily cultivated flowers to handle. Growing carnations from seed is fairly simple. They are very resilient and resistant to drought.


Purchase your carnation seeds ahead of time. Make sure that the location of planting has plenty of exposure to at least eight hours of sunlight every day. The fewer days of sunlight, the longer it will take for the seeds to sprout. You can plant the seeds directly into outdoor soil or you can begin the seeds indoors and later transplant them to an outdoor garden bed. If you are planting them outdoors, plant them during the early months of spring. Wait until the initial spells of frost are over. It is also essential that you do not soak the soil with excess amount of water. You will literally drown the seeds, otherwise. Cover the seeds with ¼ inch of soil and space each deposit of seeds about one foot apart from each other. Once they have been established, they can be propagated during the fall by division.

Caring for Carnations

Fertilize your plants once a month and water them one or two times per week. They prefer full sun along with very rich, well-drained soil. They can grow 16-18 inches tall. They are perfect garden borders. If any insect problems occur, treat them early to avoid later problems. Perennials should be mulched during winter months.

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