How to Grow Lilies

How to Grow Lilies

Lilies can turn a mediocre garden into a stunning display of color and beauty. Properly caring for lilies isn’t hard, and your efforts will be rewarding with beautiful, fragrant bounty every summer.

Where to Plant Your Bulbs

Lilies need full sun to thrive, at least 6-8 hours’ worth every day. Keep this in mind when choosing where to plant your bulbs, as lilies without adequate sun exposure will be smaller and may not bloom as long. The soil should be moist but drain well, as lilies are prone to fungus if left in wet conditions. Clear the soil of weeds and till it well to remove any weed roots and rocks. Tilling also helps to aerate the soil and makes planting easier.

Planting Lily Bulbs

Plant your lily bulbs 4-6″ deep, where they will stay cool, with plenty of space in between to give them room to grow and divide. Adding organic mulch to the top of the bed will help keep the area drained and cool, and can provide a slow release of essential nutrients. Lilies like slightly acidic soil, so mulch that is made from pine needles will work very well.

Covering Lily Beds

In the spring, cover your lily bed in a layer of organic fertilizer, like well-rotted compost, and water it to help dilute the fertilizer and take the nutrients into the soil. Lilies should not need any other fertilization for the season, but they should be watered regularly. When taking cuttings, trim off no more than about 3/4 of the stem. Dead-head old blossoms to encourage new blooms, and cut back dead leaves.

Taking Care of Lilies

Lilies don’t need to be complex to take care of. Good soil, sunlight, and water will go a long way towards the birth of a gorgeous, aromatic, and low-maintenance garden.

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