How to Grow Phlox from Seed

How to Grow Phlox from Seed

Available as both annuals and perennials, phlox are a bright and vibrant small flowering plant that can add a lovely splash of color to any garden. If you are seeking an ideal plant to learn how to grow from seed, phlox are an excellent choice. This plant is also perfect for warmer regions, as it tends to be heat resistant. Phlox begin blooming about midsummer and usually last until fall.

Seeding Phlox

Once the dangers of frost are passed, phlox seeds can be planted directly into the garden. If you want your phlox to bloom earlier, you can start the seeds indoors, about six to eight weeks before the last frost is expected.

Prepping Soil for Phlox

Phlox prefer a well-drained soil that is rich with nutrients. You can add nutrients to your own soil by mixing compost in before planting. You should add a fertilizer at the time that you plant the seeds, and repeat a month later. If you are seeding outside, sow the seeds and cover with only about 1/8 inch of soil, then follow with a thorough watering.

Transplanting Phlox

If you choose to start your phlox seeds indoors, you should transplant the seedlings after the threat of frost is over. Make sure to allow about 8 to 10 inches of space between each plant, although phlox are fairly tolerant of crowding and make good border or edging plants.

Caring for Phlox

Phlox does bit require a great deal of hands-on treatment. Water enough to keep the soil somewhat moist, not wet. Depending on your climate, this could be every day or not at all. Watch for weeds that crop up and remove them so that they don’t rob the nutrients from the soil. Pinch back stems that get too tall and make sure to deadhead blooms once they are finished to keep the plants blooming well.

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