How to Grow Phlox

how to grow phlox

Phlox are a versatile perennial that’s often cultivated in areas of the garden such as rock gardens, edging, borders, window boxes and containers. This summer favorite stands 2-4 feet in height at maturity. The fragrant flowers come in a variety of colors and bloom from mid-summer to autumn. Phlox are a hearty plant that will produce an array of colorful blooms requiring very little maintenance with the following care:

Selecting a Plant

Choose a plant with healthy leaves and new buds. Stay away from plants with yellowing or wilted leaves.

Finding a Location

Plant summer Phlox in a sunny location with well-drained soil. Phlox will grow in partially shaded areas but are prone to getting mildew if the plant stays damp.

How to Plant

Prepare the soil by mixing in compost or manure along with a well balanced fertilizer. Once the soil has been cultivated, place the phlox into the hole with the root ball of the plant slightly deeper than the hole.

Maintenance and Care

Phlox should be watered regularly and the soil consistently moist. Plants should be watered in the morning, giving the phlox time to thoroughly dry out by evening. The plant should be watered at the base, making sure the foliage does not get damp. Organic mulch should be spread around the Phlox to retain moisture. Remove weaker shoots keeping the stronger ones intact to produce large blooms throughout summer. After the first frost, spread 4-6 inches of mulch around the plant. Phlox should be fertilized every spring

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