How to Grow Tulips

How to Grow Tulips

Adding colorful blooms such as tulips is an elegant way to enhance your garden in the spring, this can easily be accomplished when you know how to grow tulips. These sturdy plants are available in a multitude of varieties and colors that will compliment any type of landscape. Tulips are simple to grow, low maintenance plants that produce blooms during the spring and summer months. Tulips can be purchased for early, mid, or late planting seasons. Learning how to grow tulips is a simple way to beautify your garden.

Soil Preparation

Cultivate garden soil to a height of approximately ten inches. Use a garden rake to mix an effective brand of bulb fertilizer into the soil. Peat moss and compost should be added if the soil is heavy or extremely wet. Spring tulip bulbs thrive in soil that is rich and well drained. Mounding the garden soil will help promote good drainage.

Planting Tulips

After reading the instructions for each variety you select, moisten the soil and plant tulip bulbs between four and six inches deep. Make sure the bulb’s pointed end is facing skyward. Carefully add soil to fill open spaces around the bulb. Bulbs should be placed at least six inches apart to prevent overcrowding.

Feeding and Maintenance

Once the bulbs have been planted in moist soil, do not water again for two weeks, or when the soil looks or feels dry. Keep garden soil slightly moist, but not soggy. When tulip flowers start to appear, add a slight layer of good quality garden fertilizer to the soil. Another top dressing of fertilizer should be applied when foliage starts to appear. While tulip flowers can be pinched off when they are dry, the bulbs still get nutrients from the leaves and foliage until they turn yellow and die.

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