How to Grow Verbena from Seed

How to Grow Verbena from Seed

Learning how to grow verbena from seed is not difficult, but it does take patience, as the seeds may take a month to germinate. Verbena is an herbaceous plant, ideal for ornamental gardens, groundcover and containers. In frost-free climates, it is a perennial, but it commonly grows as an annual in colder climates. Starting verbena from seed is an inexpensive way to grow these plants for later transplanting.

Start Indoors

Start Verbena seeds in late winter or early spring. Use fiber or peat containers and good quality, well-drained potting soil. Place two verbena seeds in each container, and cover them with a thin layer of potting soil. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Verbena may take a month to germinate. Once the seedlings have three or four leaves each, remove the weakest one from each pot.

In spring, after danger of frost and about a week before you plan to transplant them, harden off the seedlings. Place them outside, in the shade, for a few hours at a time. This will help them acclimate to the outdoor environment and reduce the risk of shocking them with extreme temperatures and sunlight.

Transplant Outside

Transplant the young plants to a sunny part of the garden with well-drained soil, spacing them 10 to 12 inches apart. Verbena prefers full sun and frequent water. Water them thoroughly at least once weekly in the absence of one inch of rain. More frequent watering might be necessary to keep the soil from drying out. The soil should remain moist but not soggy. After transplanting, pinch off the tips of the plants to stimulate new growth for denser habit and more blooms.

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