How to Overwinter Dahlia

How to Overwinter Dahlia

Expert gardeners may already know how to overwinter dahlia plants. However, if you’re just beginning to discover this rewarding pastime, then personally increasing your dahlia production will allow you to enhance your garden area.

Step One

Wait to dig your dahlia bulb until after the first fall frost. When this has occurred, the green on your dahlia plant will be darker. Next, cut the plant to approximately 6 inches and then dig into the soil with care. The bulb can then be removed from the ground and reviewed for decay. You should look for the bulb to feature a bud or eye, which is a sign of health. After you have removed the bulb from the earth, you must store it indoors to prevent freezing.

Step Two

You will then need to prepare your dahlia bulbs for winter storage. Carefully remove the soil and cleanse the bulb. The next step is to divide each healthy bulb into several sections and discard the main tuber from the dahlia plant. Place your bulbs into a plain plastic bag with aerating holes and add shredded paper. Your bulbs must then be stored in a cool, dark location for the winter. Also, you will need to spray the bulbs with small amounts of water and check them periodically to prevent rotting. Do not overwater.

Step Three

When the ground has warmed during the spring and there’s no sign of frost, your dahlia bulbs are ready to be planted. Prepare the ground location for your plants by weeding and fertilizing the area. Next, plant each bulb with the eye set upwards and cover them with earth. You will also need to water the plants. Once the dahlia plant has begun to grow shoots, you can reproduce them further by cutting healthy sections from the dahlia’s growth and planting them in small pots.

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