How to Plant a Weeping Cherry Tree

How to Plant a Weeping Cherry Tree

The weeping cherry is a gorgeous tree that provides a stately presence in any landscape. When this tree is in full bloom it takes center stage; and because of this, it makes a great showcase plant for larger garden area. If you are wondering how to plant a weeping cherry tree in your oasis, here are some facts and planting tips for guidance.

Vital Facts

  • Prefers a warmer climate such as zone 5, but can thrive in zones 4-8 of the Hardiness Zone Map.
  • Grows 20-30 feet tall and almost as wide.
  • Develops quite expeditiously and is known more for its exquisite beauty than its harvest.
  • Prefers moist yet well-drained soil and full sunlight.
  • Its light pink and white flowers erupt heavily in early spring, and its green foliage turns to amber in fall.


Your weeping cherry should be cultivated in mid-spring, when stress caused by inordinate cold or heat are minimal. If you’re able to obtain a tree that is already in a degradable pot, you can save yourself time and just bury the pot, but if not you’ll have to dig.

Make sure the hole is twice as big as the root base and that it is not overly saturated. If the soil is too moist, adding a few stratums of gravel will help the bilge. Be sure to mix some fertilizer with the soil and that you do not excessively disrupt the roots when lowering into the space.


Weeping cherry trees bud from other trees; so, when they are fledging you must cut off any branches from the rootstock or you will end up with straight bows instead of drooping ones. In addition, these trees can be susceptible to disease and fungus. Make sure you are educated and prepared to maintain the tree or you will be disappointed with the results.

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