How to Plant Lilies

How to Plant Lilies

There are many helpful tips for gardeners who would like to know how to plant lilies. Producing a large cluster of blooms from June to September, these trouble-free plants require a minimum amount of care, and can be simply divided if you want to transplant them. When you are ready to purchase lilies for your garden, select plump bulbs with attached roots.

Selecting a Location

An area that receives six hours of direct sunlight a day is the best location for planting lilies. Plant lilies in small groups of three to five bulbs. Each group should be eight to ten inches apart to prevent overcrowding. For best results, bulbs of identical plants should be grouped together.

The Proper Soil

Lilies will not thrive in standing water. The area you select should have fertile soil and good drainage. To improve drainage, organic compounds can be added to clay soil. Sandy soil will dry out very quickly, to preserve moisture, add organic compounds such as raw plant material and cover the ground with a layer of mulch. A small amount of gravel can also be added to the flower bed to guarantee proper drainage

Care and Feeding

Lilies can be planted in spring or fall, but should be planted immediately after purchase. Bulbs can become dry if they are not planted within a reasonable amount of time. Early morning is the best time to water lilies, watering close to the base will help prevent fungal disease. Lilies growing in dry climates should be given six inches of water every seven days. A slow-releasing fertilizer rich in phosphorous can be applied in spring. Deadhead flowers once they fade, this can be done without removing the leaves or flower stems. Lilies should be cut back during late fall or mid winter to help promote growth.

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