How to Propagate Delphinium

How to Propagate Delphinium

Summary: Discover how to propagate delphinium through seed propagation as well as division and trimming.

If you’re interested in how to propagate delphinium, then know that there are several ways to reproduce this plant. Delphinium plants can be generated through seeding, trimming, or dividing.

Seed Propagation

You are most likely to achieve success when you plant new seeds and your delphinium will reward you by growing large healthy flowers. If you choose to replant seeds that you saved from last year, then your flowers may carry diseases or suffer from other growing problems.

To begin growing your new delphinium, you should use starter trays with a drainage department in the bottom. Also, add soil that is aerated and plant your trays approximately 2 to 3 weeks before they need to be transferred into the ground.

After you have planted the trays, water the seeds thoroughly and cover the entire tray with a clear plastic wrap. The seeds will need their soil temperature to measure from 65°F to 75°F, which will encourage them to propagate. Once the seeds begin to sprout, you will need to remove the plastic wrap and keep them in an area with shade. Wait to plant your Delphiniums until after the possibility of a frost has passed.

Using Division to Propagate Delphiniums

Delphiniums can be divided to promote plant reproduction. However, this plant is among only a few other perennial flowers that does not propagate well through division. If you decide to attempt this method, then make sure you complete the division early in the growing season. This time of year will give the roots time to strengthen and set in before the fall season when the plants are at risk from frost.

Trim Your Delphiniums to Achieve Propagation

A delphinium plant can be trimmed for reproduction. Use a sharp clean knife and cut a 3 to 4 inch section. Plant your trimmed sections in sand or a starter tray and water generously.

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