How to Propagate Geraniums

How to Propagate Geraniums

Propagating geraniums is a great way to increase your next year’s flower bounty.  Cuttings produce the opportunity for optimum results in propagating geraniums.


Start by cutting a 3 to 4 inch segment and remove the leaves. Next, you dip the bottom quarter of the cutting into a rooting medium and then tamp into place in a container filled with a mixture of sand and vermiculite. Do not plant the cuttings too close together. 3-4 shoots in a three inch pot is ideal and should eliminate any disease issues. In addition, for the first two weeks, you should keep the pots in indirect sunlight until the cutting has rooted.

 Sunlight and Soil

Once the cutting has sufficiently rooted, your job truly begins. Move each newly rooted cutting into its own pot and move the pots to an area of full sunlight. Check them regularly and keep the substrate moist. Do not over water. Geraniums are partial to well drained soil. The use of liquid fertilizer is not necessary but is left to your discretion.

Final Environment

After the last frost of the season, geraniums can then be introduced to their final environment. Again, an environment that is well drained and that gets full sunlight. A dose of mulch tilled into the soil does not hurt. Once planted, you can add some more mulch around the plants to retain moisture. A liquid fertilizer is highly encouraged at this stage.

Geranium Care

Now, enjoy your geraniums. Water them early and regularly deadhead them to increase their health and their blooms. Also, beware of insects, as geraniums are particularly succulent and desirable fare for caterpillars and aphids. Geraniums, if reasonably looked after, provide an easy particularly satisfying horticultural experience.

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