How to Propagate Lupines

How to Propagate Lupines

Lupines are easily recognized by their light green leaves and small, brightly colored flowers. They add an elegant touch to any garden and are easy to maintain. Knowing how to propagate lupines ensures that they will thrive for many years.

Obtaining Seeds

You can obtain seeds from either a garden center or from an existing plant. They should be purchased only from a reputable supplier in order to ensure that they are high quality. Seeds will germinate best if the seed coat is weakened. To do this, simply rub the seeds with sandpaper. Then cover them with warm water and set them aside overnight. This will promote germination.

Moistening Soil

Next, moisten your soil or potting mix and push it gently into small pots. Be sure to press the soil lightly into place, but do not compress it too much. Gently place one seed into each pot just slightly below the soil surface. Cover the pots with saran wrap or a plastic lid, and place them at room temperature. They should germinate within a few weeks. When they do, remove the covers and place the pots in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. Water them whenever the soil gets dry. Excess water will weaken the plants and may promote mold growth.

Warm Weather

When the weather is warm enough and the likelihood of frost is low, move the plants to a sunny location outdoors. Read the directions on your seed packet to determine how far apart to space your plants, as the proper distance changes among the different varieties of lupines. Simply place the plants and their soil in the ground so they are at the same depth as they were in the pots. Water them thoroughly, and wait for them to bloom.

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