How to Prune a Magnolia Tree

How to prune a magnolia tree

Because magnolia trees are different from most trees, they require a specific method of pruning. Knowing how to prune a magnolia tree properly will ensure the tree’s longevity and healthy development year after year. Pruning is an important process for disposing of diseased branches and making sure the tree grows straight and tall.

Different Pruning for Magnolia Trees

First, magnolia trees should be trimmed in sections, not the entire tree at once. About one third of the tree should be trimmed each season, and following years different sections can be pruned. Pruning only specific sections will allow the tree to recover from the pruning process and focus on healing only one section at a time. Pruning the entire tree at once can make the magnolia tree more susceptible to disease as they do not heal from pruning as well as other trees.

How to Prune Branches

Secondly, magnolia tree branches should be pruned right to the trunk, not halfway up the branch. Cutting closer to the base of the tree will allow the tree to continue growing straight and vertical. Magnolia branches, which are cut further from the tree or at the tip of the branch will not heal properly and can endanger the life of the entire tree. The goal of pruning magnolia trees is to keep the tree directed vertically so that it can reach its maximum height.

Some branches may be too thick for pruning shears, as they need to be cut so close to the trunk. A handsaw will make this process easier and allow for a cleaner cut. Some tree sealant can be used to cover wounds, preventing leakage of sap and the intrusion of pests and parasites.

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