Question: At What Time of Year Should I Plant My Cilantro/Coriander Plant?


When you plant coriander will determine exactly what parts of the plant you will be able to harvest the longest.  Planting early will result in a longer cilantro growing season while planting later will produce coriander more quickly.

Question: At What Time of Year Should I Plant My Cilantro/Coriander Plant?


Coriander is the name for the seeds that are produced from the cilantro plant.  During the growing season, cilantro can be cultivated as the plant is growing.  Once it goes to seed, coriander can be harvested for use.

If you are only interested in harvesting coriander, then your goal will be to get the plant to bolt as soon as possible.  Cilantro flowers and bolts quickly in hot weather, so planting late in June or early in July will likely reap a coriander harvest in four to six weeks.

If you want to reap the double benefit of this plant, you will need to plant it when the weather is cooler in the spring.  Planting in the cooler weather will add up to a month to your growing time prior the plant flowering and bolting, which means you have that much longer to enjoy the cilantro leaves in addition to the coriander seeds.

You can also plant in the fall but you always run the risk of premature frost, which can kill your plant and chances of a coriander harvest.

Also, planting cilantro in a cooler part of the garden with some shade will extend the leaf life and help to prevent it from bolting early.

Planting cilantro plants every few weeks will ensure that you have a successive supply of both cilantro leaves and coriander seeds throughout the growing season.  Those planted in the summer will not only bolt and produce coriander more quickly, the flowers of the cilantro plant are great for attracting beneficial insects to your garden.

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