When to Plant a Dogwood Tree

When to Plant a Dogwood Tree

The dogwood tree is a woody plant from the Cornaceae family, best known for the stunning pink or white flowers that bloom in the late spring. These trees make a great addition to any garden, however caring for them can be challenging if not done properly. Several factors play into whether the dogwood will survive, with the most important being when you plant the dogwood tree.

Wild Dogwoods

Ideally, dogwood trees should only be purchased from nursery rather than transplanting those that are growing in the wild. This is because dogwoods that are growing in a wooden area have a much lower survival rate than those that can be purchased. Plant diseases can also spread easily this way since you are taking a wild tree that hasn’t been bred to be disease resistant. If you do choice to plant a dogwood from the wild, a small tree should be chosen, as they’re more likely to bounce back from the shock of a transplant. The tree should be dug up at the beginning of spring, after the ground has thawed. The tree roots should be kept moist at all time and the dogwood should be moved to it’s new location as quickly as possible. It’s also important to make sure the tree is facing the same direction as it was in the wild.

Nursery Dogwoods

If you’re growing plating a dogwood tree from a nursery, you have more time to work with. The tree should still be purchased and planted within the spring, however gardeners will have more time to wait for the proper weather. Just like transplanting a tree from the wild, the weather should be cool and crisp. The ground should be completely thawed from the previous season, but still moist. Dogwoods have very shallow roots systems, so the moist soil allows them to transplant without too much shock, which can kill the plant.

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