When to Plant Geraniums

When to Plant Geraniums

Geraniums are generally hardy plants, but if planted too early or too late can suffer detrimental consequences.  The appropriate time to plant geraniums out of doors is just as soon as threat of frost has passed and the soil has reached 60°F.

Are Geraniums Easy to Grow?

Geraniums can be started from seeds, or purchased as seedlings or fully grown plants. They are long-lasting and remarkably hardy. They generally come into bloom in the late spring and will survive out of doors until the first frost.  While some varieties do not fare as well in the wind and rain, newly cultivated plants are now available with modifications that make them resistant to the damage.

What Temperature Do Geraniums Prefer?

For best results, seedlings and mature plants should be planted in the garden as soon as the soil reaches at least 60°F. The time of year will depend on where you are located and your climate.  Though geraniums are forgiving and will generally survive in temperatures ranging from 45°F -80°F, they will thrive best when the daytime average temperatures are between 70°F -75°F and nighttime temperatures average 60°F -65°F.

What Geraniums Need

Geraniums need to receive plenty of sunlight and well-aerated, porous soil.  They can be planted in clay soil if organic matter such as sphagnum moss is added.  Geraniums thrive best in soil with a pH level of 6.5.

Preventing Damage

Geraniums should not be planted deep in the soil or root and stem rot may occur. While planting, it’s crucial to not damage the stem of the plant. Damaged stems provide an opening for diseases to take hold, which can destroy the plant. After planting, water the geraniums thoroughly. If you choose to use fertilizer, make sure to water well following the application so that the plant’s roots do not get burned.

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